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B2B Loyalty
Building a Business to Business (B2B) Loyalty Program

Building a Business to Business (B2B) Loyalty Program

For most businesses, their most profitable consumer is not an individual person, but rather their business partners. Loyalty Programs for B2B customers leverage the same fundamental techniques as the most popular B2C Loyalty Programs to increase B2B customer engagement, retention, and acquisition.

How Does a B2B Rewards Program Work?

  • Segment your best customers to send highly targeted offers to increase profitability
  • Target your low spending B2B customers with personalized incentives to encourage increased spending
  • Integrate directly with POS/CRM Systems for real-time recognition or leverage OCR receipt scanning 
How Does a B2B Rewards Program Work?

Building Bonds With Your Business Partners

  • Notice business is slowing at certain times? Run time-triggered campaigns to encourage business when you need it most
  • Need to increase sales of an underperforming product or service? Cross and upselling promotions help move more inventory
  • Utilize built-in AI to determine the lifetime value of business partners to prioritize those with the greatest potential for high revenue
  • Reward members for behavior that isn’t “loyalty program specific” like paying invoices on time or enrolling in autopay 

B2B Marketing & Channel Loyalty

  • Automate communication with your B2B customers via an easy-to-use drag and drop editor for personalized messaging based on real-time behavior
  • Minimal manual work involved with AI-powered performance monitoring and reporting
  • AI Contact Optimization allows you to detect changes in campaign recipients’ behavior to help you improve conversion & retention rates, increase the perceived value of your offers and analyze trends to predict future needs

B2B Customer Engagement with Gamification 

  • Cumulative Promotions

    Designed to engage customers over long periods of time by creating a series of interactions they need to complete in order to reach a clear final target and fulfill your business KPIs. 

  • Recognition Tiers

    Give your customers a sense of satisfaction and added benefits in addition to the rewards they receive through exchanging their earned points. Set clear targets to be reached for consecutive levels, which translate into tangible benefits and encourages customers to spend regularly.

  • Progress Bars

    Keep users engaged in their promotions and tiers by keeping them motivated between stages. Set trackers on KPIs such as the number of transactions, money spent, products purchased and more. 

B2B Rewards & Incentives

  • Upload your entire product catalog for members to redeem rewards with their loyalty points
  • End-to-end rewards fulfillment around the globe with a wide spectrum of rewards ranging from brand-name gift cards, popular physical items, and high-end experiences
  • Serve a good cause! Upload charities to the rewards catalog for members to donate points
  • Built-in Coupon Creator to issue discounts on future purchases

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