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B2E Loyalty
Rewards & Incentive Programs… For Employees

Rewards & Incentive Programs… For Employees 

Move your business forward by creating a motivational incentive program that delivers the right results for business objectives and increases loyalty to your company. 

Creating a company culture that puts the employee first fosters transparent communications, stronger workplace relationships, team unity, and more loyalty among your employees.

Employee Incentive Schemes

Incentivizing employees in the form of bonuses, paid time off, and company retreats are standard practices. But these methods are costly for the employer and provide minimal insight into the employee process – only the end result. 

With an employee incentive program, you can influence your employees' production as well as their day-to-day behavior. Rewarding and recognizing your employees for completing employer-defined actions is more cost-efficient and guarantees continued engagement.

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Employee Rewards & Incentive Software

Employee Rewards & Incentive Software

  • Gain deeper insights into your employees’ current and future motivations by leveraging data collected by Comarch’s AI/ML alongside the Data Analytics module
  • Segment your employees by location, store, department, or sales goals to run promotions personalized to their job function and goals
  • Make mundane tasks fun by offering incentives for long term KPIs, such as reaching sales goals, or for following procedures, like completing optional training courses or attending company events outside of work

B2E Marketing… It’s Real! 

  • Hit those sales goals! Distribute benefits when employees sell a certain product or hit a certain revenue threshold
  • Reward employees for completing actions outside of the loyalty system like completing training videos or competing in optional company initiatives
  • Leverage time-specific promotions to motivate employees to hit goals during downtimes
    Set long term goals and in-house competitions with cumulative promotion capabilities
B2E Marketing… It’s Real!

Emphasize Employee Engagement with Gamification

  • Leaderboards

    Drive performance goals and inspire your employees to participate in company initiatives. Set leaderboards to specific KPIs or regions to create additional competition to motivate your team and foster a team-oriented atmosphere.

  • Recognition Tiers

    Give your employees a sense of satisfaction and added benefits in addition to the rewards they receive through exchanging their earned points. Set clear targets to be reached for consecutive levels, which translate into tangible benefits and encourages employees to hit their KPIs regularly.

    Recognition Tiers
  • Progress Bars

    Keep employees engaged in their promotions and tiers by keeping them motivated between stages. Set trackers on KPIs such as the total number of sales, revenue earned through sales, products sold, and more. 

    Progress Bars
  • Cumulative Promotions (Special Challenges)

    Designed to engage employees over long periods of time by creating a series of interactions they need to complete in order to reach a clear final target and fulfill your business KPIs. 

    Cumulative Promotions (Special Challenges)
Rewards & Recognition

Rewards & Recognition

  • Upload your entire product catalog for members to redeem rewards with their loyalty points
  • End-to-end rewards fulfillment around the globe with a wide spectrum of rewards ranging from brand-name gift cards, popular physical items, and high-end experiences
  • Serve a good cause! Upload charities to the rewards catalog for members to donate their points
  • Built-in coupon creator for employees to earn unique rewards like an extra vacation day

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