Enterprise Loyalty Platform

Understand your customer’s behavior, communicate at the right time and place, calculate customer lifetime value, and forge emotional connections with your customers with a tailor-made loyalty program.

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A fully customizable rewards system designed to adapt to your unique business objectives and capable of even the most complicated loyalty and partner integrations. Our proprietary software powers some of the most technologically complex loyalty programs across the globe. With Comarch Loyalty Management, the possibilities are endless.

Customer Data at Your Fingertips

  • 360 view of customer data organized in one user-friendly interface
  • Omnichannel data collection and communication across all touchpoints
  • AI & ML-based technologies to identify customer behavior and personalize offers  
  • Expanded rewards catalog to manage discounts, giveaways, and more
  • Real-time reporting and administrative tools to help you make informed decisions

Advanced Modules

Campaign Management

Automate the customer journey with a campaign management tool designed to complement your loyalty program. Empower your team with all the tools to plan, execute, and monitor the most complex multi-channel marketing campaigns with our user-friendly interface, drag and drop creators, and built-in templates for you to make the most of your marketing resources.

Marketing Made Easy

  • Frictionless UX from simple marketing initiatives to highly advanced campaigns
  • Seamlessly segment audiences and automate personalized campaigns 
  • Works hand-in-hand with Comarch's loyalty platform, but can be integrated with any existing software 
  • Deliver personalized messages based on customer interactions and behavior
  • Optimize communication frequency to prevent contact fatigue
  • Build and visualize customer journeys to launch highly-personalized campaigns
  • Run A/B tests to select the most effective content and optimize open rates

  • Comarch Loyalty Management is an advanced tool that provides progressive technical capabilities, ease of integration and solution flexibility, which are all needed to properly support True Value Rewards.

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