Access our experts' extensive loyalty knowledge through this set of blogs, white papers, case studies, and eBooks about our experience running the industry’s leading AI and ML-powered loyalty programs.

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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Automate your loyalty program with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep up with industry trends in real-time. Stay ahead of your competitors and protect your enterprise and your customers from fraud.

AI & ML in Comarch Loyalty

  • AI/ML Personalized Marketing Services give you the power to address your customers on an intimate level with hyper-personalized offers and promotions for all loyalty program members
  • Sentiment Analysis Microservice enables enterprises to monitor any type of written communication: social media posts and messages, emails, incoming customer service requests, surveys, or any other type of “unstructured text”
  • OCR Receipt Scanning allows customers to use their mobile device to snap a picture of their receipt and receive their rewards
  • AI & ML - Powered Chatbot to automate the messaging channel of your program contact center

  • Loyalty Fraud Detection to analyze all transactions processed by the loyalty platform and detect physically impossible movements between locations

Comarch Wins for AI/ML-based Technology for Detecting Fraud


Comarch was announced as the recipient of the Best Loyalty Innovation award during the Loyalty & Awards 2020 conference, a two-and-a-half-day exclusive conference that provides travel industry professionals with a forum to discuss the latest technological innovations and new trends driving customer loyalty.

Creating lasting customer loyalty with data-driven marketing
artifical intelligence

Navigating a Modern Marketing and Loyalty Program With AI and Machine Learning

White Paper

Today, not only is AI capable of helping businesses recommend new products, automate supply chains, and personalize content. It is also a major driving force and a symbol of the ongoing digital revolution, providing brand-new marketing and customer engagement opportunities. 

In this White Paper, we will take a closer look at the latest features of AI and Machine Learning. We will also explain why those functionalities are now making such an impact on everyone's approach to digital loyalty. 

Comarch Launches AIM, a cross-sector artificial intelligence platform


Comarch is excited to introduce a first of its kind cross-sector artificial intelligence platform, Comarch Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM). Powered by the latest innovations in AI and machine learning (ML), Comarch AIM is the cross-industry, enterprise-ready, cloud-based solution that will change the way you do business – making your enterprise more efficient, cost-effective, and data-driven than ever before. 

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