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Drive Customers to the Pump

Drivers are often creatures of habit and are generally loyal to one chain, but are also price-conscious. With the volatile nature of the oil market, it's important to have a loyalty system in place to prevent customer churn to aggressive competitors. With features like mobile payments, you can ensure your program lives up to the customer expectations of tomorrow.

Comarch Loyalty for Fuel & Convenience

  • Mobile Wallet Functionalities allow customers to begin – and finish – their purchase journey entirely through their phones
  • AI/ML-Driven Offer Personalization to detect customer activity patterns and analyzes historical data to create a list of products that are most likely to be purchased by that customer 
  • Segment Management for personalized offers, including dynamic segment assignment based on customer purchases
  • Loyalty Fraud Detection to analyze all transactions processed by the loyalty platform and detect physically impossible movements between locations

Technologies to Improve Customer Engagement in the Oil & Gas Industry


Exploring the opportunities created by the prepayment, postpayment, and preordering models, the benefits of using artificial intelligence to predict the next purchase, and many ways of preventing fraudsters, this eBook reveals what’s next for the oil & gas industry and loyalty marketing.

oil and gas ebook

Comarch Loyalty for BP GLOBAL

The fuel business is one of the most competitive markets. BP was one of the first to decide to run a loyalty program on such a scale, and after almost a year-long tendering process, Comarch was chosen as the IT platform provider (among 20 other vendors). The main goal was very simple – a single global IT platform for all countries.

Comarch Loyalty Mobile Payments Functionality


Mobile Payments functionality allows users to store there their favorite form of payment and use it during the in-store journey or when they would like to pay for fuel directly at the pump. It's not easy to draw any positives from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, one of the universal features of the global response is the desire of customers to use contactless payment methods wherever possible.

Creating lasting customer loyalty with data-driven marketing

Enoc Group supported by Comarch Loyalty Platform


With the aim to add value to customers using innovation and technology, Enoc successfully launched the ‘Yes’ loyalty program, supported by the Comarch Loyalty Management system. The program allows you to earn and instantly redeem points all from within the Yes network (50+ partners)  and benefit from discounts across Health & Wellness, Dining and Getaways – making you say yes to more.

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