Loyalty programs should never be boring. Gamifying the customer experience creates a more engaging, interactive journey that will have your customers coming back for more games and entertainment.

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  • Optimize communication and drive customer loyalty with modern gamification techniques
  • With fully customizable plugins for engaging and rewarding users, Comarch Gamification allows customers to experience loyalty programs like never before
  • Introduce badges and leaderboards to allow users to compete with one another, share their achievements and, of course, earn badges
jetblue gamification

JetBlue Badges Delivers Gartner’s Gamification


Badges were added to JetBlue’s existing TrueBlue loyalty program by Comarch as a way to differentiate its loyalty program from the many others that exist, and it did so by fully committing to gamification through a digital platform. The Badges program rewards TrueBlue members with digital badges – which often come along with additional reward points – for completing various tasks such as booking flights, flying to particular destinations, interacting with the program’s partners, and sharing activity via social media.

Like so many other organizations, airlines were using gamified elements long before gamification became a household term. Airlines have been rewarding customers since the ‘70s, with frequent-flyer programs now an industry standard.

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