Access our experts' extensive loyalty knowledge through this set of blogs, white papers, case studies, and eBooks about improving customer loyalty in the competitive grocery space.

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Making Your Store Their Go-To

Drive and maintain grocery store and supermarket loyalty. Consumers are generally loyal shoppers when it comes to buying groceries and household items - but the key is to hold on to their loyalty for years to come. Well-executed loyalty programs can encourage loyal customers to spend more, and they can also attract new customers.

Comarch Loyalty for Grocers

  • Time Interaction Management allows you to manage the whole grocery chain, from the configuration of processes occurring in physical stores and via e-commerce and the flow of documents within an entire trading network

  • AI/ML Personalized Marketing Services give you the power to address your customers on an intimate level with hyper-personalized offers and promotions for all loyalty program members

  • AI & ML - Powered Chatbot to automate the messaging channel of your program contact center

  • OCR Receipt Scanning allows customers to use their mobile device to snap a picture of their receipt and receive their rewards

A Guide to Loyalty for Grocers and Retailers


In this guide, we will explore the four main uses of AI and ML in loyalty marketing: Personalization, Chatbots, Gamification and Loyalty Fraud Prevention, as well as specific examples of these types of loyalty program enhancements in action.

Creating lasting customer loyalty with data-driven marketing

Reimagining Grocery and Retail CX in a Post-Crisis World


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we've been adjusting to a new normal and have seen the world around us change. Customers are shopping differently - they are adjusting their preferences and engaging with brands from the safety of their own homes, behind the screens of their phones, laptops and tablets

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