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Connecting With Customers ... Wherever They Are

Discover how our clients have employed Comarch Loyalty to build immersive, user-oriented travel loyalty programs that can help improve both customer engagement and retention. Create entirely new business opportunities for establishing an active, personal form of communication with the members of your Frequent Flyer Programs and access full customer insights to build personalized loyalty offers.

Comarch Loyalty: Travel Edition

  • Intuitive Rewards Management enables you to offer various types of rewards to your most involved customers, including discounts, cash-backs, giveaways and vouchers
  • Offer Personalization allows users to detect patterns in the customers' behavior for they could later prepare highly personalized offers
  • Loyalty Fraud Detection to easily identify atypical patterns in your loyalty program members’ behavior to prevent financial losses
  • Mobile Application to keep passengers well-informed at all times

Comarch Loyalty at JetBlue Airways

Case Study

JetBlue Airways is an American airline founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York. The carrier has features of both a legacy and a low-cost airline. The airline revamped its loyalty scheme in 2009 and began to grant clients three points for every dollar spent towards a flight, excluding taxes and fees. JetBlue Airways chose Comarch Loyalty Management to power the re-launch of its loyalty program. 

Creating lasting customer loyalty with data-driven marketing

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