Episode 2: Enterprise Holdings

This episode of Coffee with Comarch Loyalty features Patsy Rey, who has spent nearly 30 years fostering customer loyalty at Enterprise Holdings. From the resurgence of the road trip to communicating with customers and “future-proofing” loyalty programs, listen in to discover how COVID has affected Enterprise and its strategy moving forward.

  • Enterprise’s Complete Clean Pledge

    Our Complete Clean Pledge allowed us to put front and center to our customers that they should feel confident that the car is clean. We’ve personally taken a pledge to make sure that they can get in the vehicle and feel safe.

  • Extending loyalty program member rewards

    There was already so much for customers to worry about, and status and rewards should not be one of the things they had to worry about.

  • Future-proofing the loyalty program

    How do we keep our programs relevant given a shift in consumer behavior, while at the same time making sure that we “future-proof” it as well?

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