Episode 5: JetBlue

This one’s a must-watch. Kevin Rahl, IT Loyalty Manager at JetBlue joined us for episode 5 of Coffee with Comarch Loyalty to give us an inside scoop into the more technical aspects of JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program. We’re talking about all things technology, from incorporating new functionalities and experiences to the complexity of integrating between systems and partners, all while making sure that systems work the way customers expect.

  • Delivering seamless experiences

    With everything we do on the technology side, delivering seamless experiences is top of mind. Today, people expect things to work exactly as one would think they would work, so it is crucial for us to deliver on that.

    Delivering seamless experiences
  • The importance of data insights

    There's just a huge amount of transactions and customers that are flowing through our systems every day… just the amount of data and the volume of transactions is pretty significant but there's also a need to properly account for all of those points coming in and out of our systems

    The importance of data insights
  • Enabling omni-channel experiences

    Customers can earn benefits through progressing through various objectives and programs that sit inside of our loyalty offering, ... it's really critical that those items work seamlessly, and frankly, that's one of the most challenging pieces of work on the technology side.

    Enabling omni-channel experiences

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