Loyalty Marketing Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Bill Hanifin, the CEO of the Wise Marketer, joins us for the 6th episode of the Coffee with Comarch series to discuss loyalty marketing trends you should know and care about in 2022 and beyond. Talking to Bindu Gupta, Bill shares his thoughts on AI-based personalization, zero-party data, a customer-centric approach to loyalty & rewards programs, and more. Enjoy!

  • Collecting Data

    The difference in mindset we’re seeing is from ownership to stewardship. Data is something that we don’t own, but we’re collecting it with permission from customers. It’s a precious resource

    Collecting Data
  • Zero-party Data

    3rd-party cookies are going away. There’s this big focus on zero-party data, which means all the data we collect through loyalty programs will become more and more important.

    Zero-party Data
  • Top-down Support

    The operation and management of loyalty is moving into a leadership position at the top tier of the company. We worked with one very large retailer, that decided to create a cross-functional team and the outcome has been incredible.

    Top-down Support

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