Episode 3: ExxonMobil

This episode of Coffee with Comarch Loyalty features Devin Miller, who has been creating amazing digital experiences at ExxonMobil for the past 15 years. Watch the episode now to discover how the brand pivoted its loyalty strategy and how customer experience trends in fuel retail are inspiring its innovations.

  • Bindu Gupta


    Head of Loyalty Strategy Consulting, Comarch 

  • Devin Miller


    Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil 

  • How consumers have changed

    COVID changed everything. Not just about how we go to market, but about how consumers, including us, feel and what we’re thinking. What’s important has changed for most people.

  • The power of partnerships

    Partnerships allow us to deliver great value to the consumer and still be profitable for our retailers, and at the end of the day, the gas station that’s actually selling you the fuel -- it’s a win for everyone involved.

  • Making fueling-up fun

    We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the consumer experience. We think if we can take the ‘chore’ of buying gas -- and make it fun, or at least less boring, that’s a way we can really stand out.

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