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Customer Engagement & Loyalty Programs

We believe you can do it all. And doing it all doesn’t have to be hard. Comarch Loyalty serves every customer loyalty & engagement function – all in one easy-to-use platform.

With over 20 years of building world-class loyalty programs under our belt, we can help you build a robust, revenue-generating loyalty program just like those that have helped foster the loyalty of millions of customers around the globe.

Loyalty Management Platform

  • Robust APIs and batch files allow for easy integration with in-house and third-party systems, including Pos and CRM
  • End-to-end loyalty rewards fulfillment offered internationally
  • Proprietary AI & Machine Learning built-in to prevent fraud, identify member behavior and personalize offers
  • Available in SaaS Loyalty Cloud and on-premise Enterprise models for small to large businesses

Build Customer Loyalty

  • Intuitive promotions hub to build loyalty marketing campaigns, issue points, distribute rewards and trigger personalized communication
  • A custom mobile loyalty app and member portal or leverage white-label options
  • AI-powered data analytics with clean dashboards, custom reporting, and insights into member behavior with 360° customer view
  • Advanced marketing automation system to design multi-step and multi-touch behavior-based campaigns
  • The newest innovations in loyalty gamification like referral programs, recognition tiers, and progress bars to improve the customer experience

Beyond the Loyalty Software…

  • DIAMETRICS®  is our proprietary methodology for conducting in-depth health check analyses of loyalty programs
  • Work with Comarch strategists to (re)design a customer loyalty system for your unique needs and members
  • Add a Comarch Success Manager to your team to create and validate campaigns and program logic
  • Member engagement & reactivation consulting to define and perfect your marketing communication and promotion strategies
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